Online English Classes

17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London - bedok, sg

Who We Are

Virtual Educational is an online community, where authentic people can transform their lives in a supporting, friendly and safe environment. We inspire people of all ages and of diverse social, educational and professional backgrounds to reach their full potential. Our passion is helping others gain more opportunities & more control over their future through English. This is why we teach!

What We Do

We teach Skype English for communication to groups & individuals, such as children, teens, university students, retired & working professionals in industries, such as law, business, medicine, accountancy, technology & many others.

Virtual Educational is more than other online schools. Every student has a unique learning experience because everyone has different needs, learning styles and expectations, your teacher is your partner, friend and coach and because of this human connection, we succeed as a team.

Both young & adult learners use real-world tasks & activities that focus not only on the language, but also on culture, learning strategies, interview and communication skills, small talk techniques, learner beliefs, confidence, idioms, slang, people skills & other essential points often overlooked at most schools. This prepares kids & adults for the actual world they will live and work in.

It is simple book your time, give us your Skype username and turn on your computer 5 minutes before the class, Our teacher will do the rest.

The Future

Our mission is to engage many more people from all backgrounds to advance their lives through English, as many as possible. Virtual Educational is working everyday to improve and develop more tools and programs in order to meet the rising worldwide demand for English skills, creating new exciting partnerships across many cultures and countries, and exploring new technologies that make learning easier and faster. We continue to be inspired to reach many more with our message.

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